With all the different monitor resolutions today there are a few things you can do to improve your viewing of websites.

If you have a low resolution monitor like 800x600 viewing new style websites can sometimes mean scrolling from side to side to view the whole page.

In case you don't know the web browsers have shortcut keys that you can use to improve your viewing.

Here is a short list of ways your can make a website fit you monitor resolution.

These commands will work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. This may hold true for other browsers as well.

Using the keyboard to make the page smaller to avoid scrolling from side to side use the
ctrl (control) key and the minus key at the same time.
To make the page larger use the
ctrl (control) key and the Plus key at the same time.
To go back a page on the website you are viewing use the
backspace key.
To make the browser window larger use the
F 11 key, and using the F11 key again will bring your browser window back to normal view.

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Table of keyboard shortcuts
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